Life Is a Nightmare

by Don Howland

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recorded in an Asheville, NC, basement from 2011-2015


released October 26, 2015

All songs written by Don Howland

Vinyl LP available from 12XU (3005 S. Lamar Blvd., D-109-403, Austin, TX or

Front Cover: Reita Piecuch



all rights reserved


Don Howland Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Born a Has-Been
Since you're talking about life and death
Might I mention your breath?
It's got blood on it, baby
You know I know the scent
Now why don't you tell me where you really went?
Down to the river - that's why you're wet
And cold and muddy... and don't forget
To tell me how you fucked him, and how you met
Blood and bone and beer and cigarette

I was a born a has-been
That is true
Never knew where to go, who to see, what to do
I was born a has-been
That's correct
Never knew what to do, how to intersect

Always every April, you start to miss the fall
With the leaves and clouds and snow covering all
Be sure to tuck yourself in good so the cops can't see
How cold we are, how old we are, dead inside a tree

The jar up on the counter is last night's haul
You know you do it for me baby, you're a living doll
You know you do it for me baby, right up on the wall
Without you in my veins I'd stumble and fall
You know you do it for me baby, you're a living doll
You do it for me baby, right up on the wall
Track Name: Sleep In Cars
The lyrics to this song suck.
Track Name: Stuck in the Middle
Jokers to the right of me
Clowns to the left of me
Clowns to the left of me

Boys to the left of me
Girls to the right of me
Girls out of sight of me

Killers to the right of me
Pussies to the left of me
Pussies they all left on me

Waking life is empty
Nightmares strangle sleep
They're so real that they're mine to keep
Track Name: Why's It Always This Way
Keep your airplanes, keep your cars
We already fucked up Mars
Keep your motherfucking hands to your self
Keep a jar of dicks on a shelf
Why you always gotta have more?
So you go and you buy it at the store
If you need more money, print more
On the hides of the working poor

Gotta wonder why it's always this way
What's the matter with people? Go away.
You're a cell inside a cancer, today

Got a river of boots,
Got a field of hands
There's my neighbor, she's buried
She's buried in the sand
Looks like she stood by her, stood by her
Died by her man
I'd like to say they went to heaven but it just ain't the truth
You got no proof